Karnataka may witness total lockdown after 12 May

Karnataka govt is considering imposing a complete lockdown in the state for two weeks post-May 12 due to the steep rise in Covid-19 cases despite one week of curfew.

With much operational manufacturing, construction, and garment factories at 50 percent capacity and an unrestrained vehicular movement, the two-week curfew from April 27 bore partial results in curbing the virus spread, TOI reported.

The ongoing surge in Covid cases is also attributed to people’s recent departure from Bengaluru to other districts with the curfew outbreak.

The cabinet met on Tuesday to discuss the outcome of the present curfew. CM BS Yediyurappa told reporters that the cabinet would take the situation’s stock on May 12 and decide on imposing a lockdown after that.

However, an expert panel has suggested the CM go in for a complete lockdown without any relaxation until May end so that the pandemic starts receding by mid-June in other districts.

Meanwhile, Bengaluru’s positivity rate touched an all-time high of 55 percent on Monday, with Covid’s total tally breaching the 3 lakh mark.

While 40,128 Covid-19 tests were conducted in Bengaluru on Sunday, 22,112 came out positive. The average daily positivity rate in the first three days of May was 45%.

As per last week, the positivity rate in Bengaluru was 12 percent, with 20,82,897 tests conducted as compared to 2.31 percent against 13,78,753 tests in March. The highest-ever positivity rate in the city since the pandemic broke out was at 23.8 percent in July.

As per findings, family members of at least 500 patients go out every day searching for ventilator beds in different city hospitals, and hardly two dozens of them find medical resources to help sustain their loved ones.

On Tuesday, Bengaluru reported 20,870 Covid-19 cases and 132 fatalities out of Karnataka’s total count of 44,632 fresh cases and 292 deaths.


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