Karnataka: One-sided action by the police in Haveri’s Ratti Halli, 20 Muslim youth were arrested, RSS enters Muslim area at midnight

More than 20 Muslim youth were arrested from their homes including people from Muslim a organisation, Anjuman-i-Islam as RSS takes out rally post-midnight, in a Muslim area leading to tussle between the two groups,

The incident occurred in Karnataka’s Ratti Halli in Haveri district on 12th October, when a procession was taken out on the occasion of Milad-ul-Nabi in Ratti Hilli of Haveri and a Milad-ul-Nabi Program was held at night. During this time the RSS organised a four-day camp in Ratti Halli.

Groups of RSS passed through Tipu Nagar, Muslim area at 12:30 pm in the presence of police. The officials of Anujuman-i-Islam asked the police about the intention of RSS in the Muslim area at midnight. When the police took no action, it stopped the RSS group, a heated discussion ensued. During this, the crowd tussled resulting in a brawl between the two groups the presence of police. People from the RSS attacked the Muslim group. During this, a police official PSI Krishnappa was injured.

On the complaint by RSS, police arrested about 20 Muslim youth from their homes. The brawl that ensued between both groups resulted in the Police, in a one-sided and discriminatory manner, arresting people belonging to one group and while leaving the people from RSS unarrested.

The decorations that were put up by the Muslims on the occasion of Milad-ul-Nabi were removed. A local speaking to The Hindustan Gazette said “There is an atmosphere of fear”


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