Karnataka play uses derogatory words for Muslim women; characters say : they did not arrive in the world as Humans

Characters in a Yakshagana play held during Karkala Utsav in Karnataka’s Udupi District made derogatory comments on Muslim women. The issue came to light through a video that’s being circulated online.

“They can’t be considered as humans,” one of the characters says during the play.

“They didn’t arrive as humans,” another character says.

The characters go on to say that the Intelligence department needs to keep an eye on Muslim Women. The characters also say that the High Court of Karnataka favored the majority community.

The play drew criticism from several people online.

“There were people/leaders in the Muslim community who believed the Hijab issue could have been settled in Udupi itself. The forget that the hidden hand in the issue was that of SanghParivar and these videos shows how they created this into an issue to blackmail the judiciary,” General Secretary of Popular Front of India said while commenting on the video.


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