Karnataka police turns out in Saffron on Ayudha Puja, condemned by opposition

Opposition Leader, Siddaramaiah condemned the act in harsh words. He tweeted the pictures of police clad in white and saffron civil attire at Bijapur and Kaup police stations on Ayudha Puja, on Friday.
Policemen at the Bijapur police station wore the white kurta-pyjamas traditional to north Karnataka, with saffron scarves around their necks or shoulders.

Their counterparts at Kaup police station in Udupi, coastal Karnataka, wore white dhotis and saffron shirts, while the policewomen wore saffron saris.
Siddaramaiah attacked chief minister Basavaraj Bommai in a series of tweets, suggesting the saffron clothes worn by the police had sent out a wrong message to the public.
“On the one hand, there is police brutality against innocent young men and women. Then, lawmakers release the accused from the police station. And then there is the call for violence by distributing trishuls,” he tweeted.
Last week, trishuls were distributed among new Bajrang Dal recruits by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad at events held in Mangalore and Udupi. While they had justified it as “trishul deekshe (initiation)”, the development had drawn flak from Opposition parties.
Karnataka, the BJP’s gateway to the south, has long been a hub of Sangh parivar outfits that engage in moral policing and attack cattle traders and transporters in the name of “gau raksha”.


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