Karnataka: Two carryings ‘lethal weapons’ near Hijab protest site, arrested

Two people on Sunday have been arrested in Kundapur near Karnataka’s Udupi district for allegedly carrying lethal weapons near the government college. Several students have been protesting in the college over the right to wear a hijab in classrooms.

The accused, Abdul Majeed (32) and Rajab (41) were part of a group of five people spotted loitering around the protest site on Friday, and are not believed to be part of the students’ agitation, according to reports.

Talking to NDTV, the police said one of the accused is from a nearby village. Police also said they were searching for the other three accused.

Cases have been registered at the police station in Gangolli village near Kundapur town.

Over the past week, several Muslim students are protesting in the district over their right to wear a hijab. Many students have also worn saffron shawls to oppose women wearing hijab.

“Students should neither wear the hijab nor saffron scarves when attending classes,” said Karnataka Home Minister Araga Jnanendra.


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