Muskan Khan: Symbol of Resilience and Courage

19-year-old Bibi Muskan Khan from Karnataka’s Mandya district bravely resisted a mob of saffron-clad men trying to heckle her to remove her hijab if she wanted to attend the college on Tuesday.

Muskan, a student of the second year Bcom from PES College of Arts, Science and Commerce in Mandya became a national and international symbol of bravery and resistance. She showed courage and didn’t let the mob get to her.

On Tuesday, videos of her fearless courage started circulating through the country and even across the whole world. She is being appreciated for showing strength when confronted by the mob of Hindutva men.

Talking to THG Muskan recalled the events of the day. “When I entered the college, so many men surrounded me and asked me to remove my hijab. They told me that if I wanted to study I should remove it, otherwise I should go home. I just ignored it, came inside, and parked my vehicle.”

“When I thought I’ll just avoid them, they started coming in my way and chanted ‘Jai Shri Ram. I was so scared at that time. I took the name of Allah. I felt so courageous and powerful when I shouted Allahu Akbar. I didn’t say it to communalize or counter them.”

Muskan said, “Later, my teachers came to my rescue and said my protection is their responsibility.”

According to her, she didn’t even know the mob who came and heckled her. “Many were outsiders and only a few were from our college,” Muskan said.

When asked if she would take any action against the culprits, she said, “They’re misguided now but tomorrow they’ll come to the right path. I’m sure.”

Muskan, whose father is the owner of a gym in Mandya aspires to be a lawyer.

She told THG that she wasn’t scared after the incident, “But my mother and father were scared a lot, as I’m their daughter.”

“Hijab is my first priority. And no one is forcing me to wear it,” Muskan said replying to a question about what hijab is to her.

Conveying a message to other girls, if they face such situations, Muskan said, “Remember God during times of difficulty, pray to him, and don’t be scared of anyone. He’ll come for your rescue.”

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