Muslim youth killed in Mangalore, Holiday declared for school and Colleges

Goons attacked a youngster with deadly weapons in the Surathkal region of Mangalore. Mohammed Fazil was assaulted and taken to a nearby hospital, where his condition was described as serious.
CCTV footages show that Fazil was standing near a store, goons drove closer to him and attacked him with swords. The attackers later escaped the area.

Holiday has been declared for Schools and Colleges Suratkal area.

Police are only allowing five people in a group, and liquor stores have been shut down.

“We’ll determine the murderer’s motivation. The police commissioner said, “People shouldn’t break the law and should comply. The action will be taken in a transparent manner.

Police said that while Fazil was outside his clothing business, a gang of individuals rushed at him from a car and attacked him.

The incident is thought to have been a Hindutva activist retaliation killing, according to police sources, but no official statement on the matter has yet been made.

N. Shashikumar, the commissioner of the Mangaluru Police, stated on Thursday that prohibitory orders are enforced only within the confines of four police stations in Surathkal’s environs.

Until Saturday, the prohibitory orders will be in effect in Surathkal, Mulki, Bajpe, and Panambur.


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