Hindutva Activist Tejas Gowda Files Complaint as Muslims Perform Namaz on Road

Hindutva communal activist Tejas Gowda filed a complaint against the head of the mosque alleging that Muslims had offered namaz on the road without obtaining permission in Bengaluru.

It is alleged that he performed Namaz on the road on Sunday near Atiq Masjid in Siddapur Ward of Chikkapet Assembly Constituency, Bengaluru. A photo of Muslims sitting on the road and offering Namaz is doing the rounds on social media. Pro-con debates are also going on about this. Based on the complaint filed by Tejas Gowda, the police of Siddapur station registered the NCR.

“There was a traffic jam on the road due to Muslims offering namaz. Also, there are government hospitals such as Nimhans, Kidwai, Rajiv Gandhi, and Sanjay Gandhi hospitals on the Someshwar Nagar’s main road. Ambulances often ply on this road. Namaz was performed on the road causing inconvenience to the public,” the complaint mentioned.

“The public has been inconvenienced because Namaz was performed on the road. It is illegal to perform Namaz like this on a public road. Also, they have behaved in a threatening manner to arouse other people’s feelings.

So, appropriate legal action should be taken against the head of Atiq Masjid. Care should be taken not to repeat this. They should be told that the law is the same for all,” he mentioned in the complaint.

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