Singing State Anthem in private schools is not compulsory: State Government Circular

The state government issued a circular on February 16 that “singing the State anthem is no longer mandatory in private schools”. Many people, including academicians, have expressed outrage against this decision of the state government.

What’s in the circular?
Kannada and Culture Department (Culture) Under Secretary S Gitabai has issued the amended order.

According to the government order on declaring the poem ‘Jaya Bharat Janani Tanujate’ by National Poet, Jnanpith awardee Dr. Kuvempu as ‘Naada Geethe’ and the amendment made to it on February 1, “Naada Geethe should be sung in all schools before the start of daily activities and by government departments, corporations, boards, authorities, etc.

It is mentioned in the circular that instead of “singing at the beginning of organizing official programs of government institutions”, it should be read as “in government schools, aided schools before the start of daily activities and at the beginning of organizing official programs of government departments and semi-government organizations like corporation, board, authority”.

However, this circular issued now, instead of ‘singing of the national anthem at the beginning of the program in all schools’, has been amended to ‘in government schools, aided schools’.

In this circular, it seems that singing hymns in private schools is not compulsory. However, the circular does not directly mention that the hymn should not be sung in private schools.

Development education expert Niranjanaradhya VP said, “This is wrong. Anthem and National Anthem apply to all. No one is greater than the law of the ground. It is not right to exempt private schools. This is an insult not only to the song but to the people of Kannada. Nadina Nela-Jal Vadhu Nad Gita means that we cannot agree. This is treason” he said.

Talking about this, Kannada and Culture Minister Shivraj Thangadagi said, “All schools are the same for us. This is a print mistake. If there is an order from the government, it is a print mistake that a government school is an aided school.

“I will amend it now. Our government is concerned about Kannada. Of course, there is a small problem inside the note sheet,” he said.

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