This is a photo that will be remembered for a long time: CM Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru: Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday launched the ‘Shakti’ scheme to provide free travel services to women in government buses, one of the five ‘guarantees’ announced by the Congress party in its election manifesto.

‘When we announced the facility of free travel for women, there were criticisms, mockery, and sarcasm from the people who were enjoying all the facilities of the society without any effort. Without bothering about it, we have implemented the power plan. After the implementation of our plan, a mother greeted the bus at the Dharwad bus stand and happily took a free journey.

What is more important than how much money we spend is who we spend it on. This moment, even though I faced criticism in a hundred ways, it made me even more determined to reach my goal.

He wrote that this is a photo that will be remembered for a long time and gave me satisfaction for starting the project.

A full stomach can make hundreds of jokes. The satisfaction of the hungry will be the most important thing for the Congress. The Congress tweeted that if our schemes make the poor happy, it will give us a sense of accomplishment.

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