Tipu Sultan is the person who introduced Land reforms and empowered the farmers – Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah held a press conference on the occasion of Tipu Jayanti on 10th Nov 2021.

Siddaramaiah, former Chief Minister commemorated Tipu Sultan’s legacy and his contribution towards the freedom struggle of this country. He further added that he laid the foundation for KRS Dam, eventually it helped the agriculture of Mysore region. He introduced Silk farming and developed into one of the major commercial crops in the region. He further added that Tipu Sultan was never an Anti-Hindu ruler. It is a distorted history which was used by Hindutva forces to tarnish his image. He is the one who introduced Land reforms and empowered the farmers. Tipu Sultan is a Secular ruler of Karnataka who sacrificed his life fighting against Colonial British.

Siddaramaiah questioned the credentials of RSS regarding their contributions in freedom struggle. RSS is a communal organization with no contribution towards the independence of this great nation. RSS is not capable of teaching us the lessons of patriotism.

He emphasizes the secular nature of India. He is of the opinion that India belongs to all the citizens irrespective of caste, religion or race. This country is not built on the basis of religion, it’s a secular democratic republic.

Tipu Jayanthi will be celebrated if Congress come to power in Karnataka. We will always look into the sentiments of Karnataka people and accordingly we will decide the further course. RSS can’t intimidate us to step back from this. Tipu Sultan is as important as Rani Chennama and Kempegowda, he added.

Questions regarding ‘Bitcoin Scam’ was also addressed by Siddaramaiah. He firmly said that whomsoever involved in the bitcoin scam should be booked under the law of land irrespective of their political party.

He lashes out at BJP for not taking appropriate action against the culprits in bitcoin scam. I urge the government to announce the name of those who involved in this case.

Zameer Pasha, MLA from Chamrajpet and other Congress leaders were also present in the press conference.


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