Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy says that carpooling is not banned, it is fake news

The news was spreading that the transport department was going to ban carpooling, which was a solution to traffic congestion. Transport Minister Ramalingareddy clarified this through X (Twitter) and said, “Carpooling is not banned, this is false news.”

“No official notice or any order has been issued by the government regarding a ban on carpooling. First, let them get permission from the government. Where is the question of prohibition when they do not take permission? Everyone has to follow the rules and regulations of the government. It is illegal to use non-commercial private vehicles with white number plates for carpooling purposes. “Commercial vehicles with yellow number plates can be used for carpooling by following appropriate guidelines.”

“The carpooling apps operating in Bangalore have not got any official license from the government till now. Unlicensed carpooling establishments cannot be considered legitimate. Certain conditions will be applicable for carpooling.

It is learned that the state government will hold a meeting with carpooling aggregators to discuss this.


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