With 429 cases, Vijayapura set a new record of highest Covid cases in 24 hours

Vijayapura: The steadily rising cases of Covid cases in the district is creating shortage of several important medical facilities such as Remdesivir injection, ventilators and beds in both, government and private hospitals.

Two hospitals, the district government hospital and the BLDE medical college and hospital are having significant numbers of beds in three digits, while other 19 hospitals have no more than 60-65 beds.

It is reported that many Covid patients with mild symptoms of Covid preferring to get admission in the hospital fearing that they may not get bed in their condition turns serious.

As per the records of the district administration, it has identified 21 hospitals for the Covid-19 Care Centres in the district.

Of these, five are government hospitals while the remaining 16 are private hospitals.

Among these private hospitals BLDE has the highest bed capacity with 250 including 50 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds and district civil hospital has the second highest bed capacity with 200 beds including 24 ICU beds.

For Covid patients, 1,178 beds are available among 21 different hospitals across the district.

Of these, 299 are ICU beds. At present 494 patients have occupied the beds.

According to the district health bulletin released on Friday, the district recorded 429 positive cases which is the highest single day spike since the outbreak in the district.

 Among them Vijayapura city alone recorded 240 Covid cases. With a total two deaths recorded, the number of deceased has increased to 221.

The occupancy rate is nearly 100% in district hospitals and BLDE with only a few beds remaining vacant.

Clarifying on why more bed occupancy was shown in the past and not today, Deputy Commissioner P Sunil Kumar said that earlier the bed occupancy data was also included about the suspected patients, which had led to the display of high occupancy of beds.

“ Some of the private hospitals are not updating the data dynamically. I have also appointed a nodal officer to verify about the bed’s availability in the private hospitals. As of now there is no dearth of beds in the hospitals, however, we are gearing up to set-up six Covid care centres to strengthen the bed capacity in the district”, he said.

Meanwhile, the doctors urge the asymptomatic patients not to panic as a large number of patients with no symptoms are getting admitted to the hospital. Dr Sharanappa Katti, district surgeon said that there are about 40 to 50 percent of asymptomatic patients admitted in district civil hospital for medical care. They can be in home isolation as neither they have any symptoms nor comorbidities. If these people opt for home isolation, it will help the needy patients to get the bed and necessary medical care. However, we are making efforts to convince the patients but it is not yielding any results”, he said.

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