Yatnal and Muthalik deliver hate speech at Idgah Maidan

Hubli-Dharwad: BJP MLA Basanagowda Yatnal has made a hate-mongering statement saying that if this ground is called Idgah Maidan, then it should be called Rani Chennamma Maidan as she was born in Savar.

The High Court had allowed the installation of a Ganesha idol on the Idgah Maidan in Hubli on the occasion of the Ganesha festival. A Ganesha idol was also installed in the Idgah Maidan. On Thursday, a Ganesh idol funeral procession took place. Yatnal spoke at the Idgah Maidan before the parade and made communal hateful statements.

“Idgah Maidan in Hubli is not anyone’s father’s property. Anjuman is the property of Allah, not the property of Pakistan. We are fighting to get it under the control of the government. We will recite Hanuman Chalisa on this ground,” he said provocatively.

“In 2024, Narendra Modi will become the Prime Minister again. Then we will install the Ganapati idol in Lahore, Pakistan as well.” he said.
Shri Ram Sena president Pramod Muthalik has made a statement that disturbs communal harmony by saying that if the Hindu society is insulted, we will sit Ganapati in the mosque.

“It is not right that we are going to the Anjuman Court. Your arrogance is not right. This is not Pakistan, not Afghanistan. This is the property of our Land and Grounds Corporation,” said Muthalik.

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