24 tribal men face social boycott for consuming beef in Idukki

24 tribal men in Kerala’s Idukki district have been socially ostracized by council of tribals for allegedly consuming beef. The council claims that consuming beef is against their customs.
Police said the incidents were reported from Marayoor forest areas in this hill district and the authorities of the local self-government and tribal department are trying to resolve the issue by talking chiefs of tribal communities.
Police has said that there was no any case registered as no one has come forward to register a formal complaint with the police.
A senior police officer told PTI that 24 men allegedly consumed beef after coming out of their hamlets in forest areas.

The oorukoottams, which came to know about it, assembled under the leadership of their chiefs and ordered social boycott of the men who allegedly violated the centuries old tradition and customs of the community, police said.

Police said the men facing social boycott could not be contacted as they have reportedly withdrawn deep inside the forests following the oorukoottams’ decision.

Their family members including parents, siblings, wives and children have been allegedly prevented from meeting them, police said.

“If the family members meet the ousted men, they will also face similar problems. That is the situation prevailing there” police said.

Kerala Minister for Welfare of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes K Radhakrishnan told PTI that efforts were on to resolve the issue.

He said such customs and practices are still prevalent in tribal communities in the state and efforts were on to bring them to the mainstream.

Inputs from PTI

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