Kerala: 17-year-old boy builds a robot for his mother to help with household chores

Muhammed Shiyad Chathoth, a 17-year-old Kerala resident studying computer science in class 12, has created a functional robot to assist his struggling mother with some household chores.

When Chathoth and his family were being served by a simple humanoid robot in a Kannur eatery, that is when Chathoth first thought of the concept, when he overheard his mother saying, If only she had a robot that could assist her with chores around the house.

Chathoth enquired about the robot at the same restaurant and was told that it cost Rs 3-4 lakh, and they did not have any technical details about the robot system.

Buying the expensive robot was out of the question he researched and came up with cost-effective ways to build such a system.

He said, “There is no direct information available on the Internet about putting together a robot. But I noticed that the machine in the restaurant was following a fixed path. My research led me to find many videos that explained this tech.”

He build it in about 10,000 rupees and named his robot named Android Pathooty, after a Malayalam film named Android Kunjappan.

Within a year, Shiyad created a simple design by mounting a plastic stool on top of an aluminium base supported by four tyres. A female mannequin that can turn 180 degrees makes up the robot’s top half. But the system is entirely automated.

All that is required is to put a tray of food onto Android Pathooty, and it will proceed to the table along a predetermined course that has been indicated with black tape. The movement is powered by a gear and motor that ran on 12 volts and is controlled by an ultrasonic sensor. The distance between the kitchen and dining area is long, now Pathooty carries the food from the kitchen to the table.

Additionally, a mobile application has been developed through the MIT app and Admega MicroController. It can work both manually and automatically as well as carry a load of up to 6 kg.

Chathoth has big dreams, as he hopes to launch a robot startup in the future.

Source: First Post

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