Kerala: Bus Driver Rushes Pregnant Woman in Labor to Hospital; Video Goes Viral

An incident took place in Kerala after a pregnant woman went into labor while traveling in a bus, and the driver of a government bus lost consciousness and rammed the bus straight to the hospital. As soon as the bus was rushed to the hospital, the team of doctors gave birth to the woman on the bus itself.

The incident occurred in Thrissur, Kerala, and the CCTV footage is now viral on social media. A 37-year-old female passenger gave birth to a baby girl on a KSRTC bus in Thrissur.

Serena, wife of Lijesh, a resident of Tirunavaya, was traveling by bus from Angamaly to Thottilpalam on Wednesday. After the bus reached Peramangalam police station, she went into labor. Other passengers noticed this and immediately brought it to the driver’s attention. Immediately, the government bus driver, who lost consciousness of time, entered the premises of Amala Hospital in Thrissur and stopped the bus near the emergency unit.

As soon as the bus reached the hospital, the conductor and other passengers called the doctor. A team of doctors immediately realized that the delivery was almost complete amid the woman’s pain, and immediately helped the baby out of the bus with medical equipment. Immediately after the delivery, the baby and the mother were admitted to the hospital. It is reported that the baby girl and the mother are fine.

The video of this incident was captured on the hospital’s CCTV and is circulating on social media.

A spokesperson for Amala Hospital in Thrissur reported, “Serena was in her ninth month of pregnancy and was traveling to the hospital by bus. Around 12:30 in the afternoon, the bus driver lost consciousness and drove the bus into the hospital premises. Most of the baby had emerged while still on the bus, so our team of doctors and nurses delivered the baby right there. Both mother and baby are safe. We immediately informed her husband, Lizesh, who has since arrived at the hospital. The baby has been moved to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), and Serena is under observation. The health of both mother and child is stable.”

Netizens expressed their appreciation to the driver of the government bus who was punctual and the team of doctors who delivered the child promptly.

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