Kerala CM Affirms: Citizenship Shouldn’t Be Determined by Religion in Any Civilized Nation

On Monday, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan asserted that no civilized nation in the world has made religion a criterion for citizenship, and criticized the BJP-led central government’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Law for contradicting the secular principles of the country.

Addressing an election rally in Mattannur, a northern district of Kerala, Vijayan accused the Congress of failing to mount a significant protest against the BJP government’s move to enact the CAA, despite widespread opposition and efforts to safeguard secularism.

“With Lok Sabha polls just four days away in the state, Vijayan emphasized that no country divides refugees based on their religion,” he stated.

“India’s decision to use religion as a basis for citizenship is undermining secular values,” he added.

Vijayan further alleged that while several national leaders, including those from Communist parties, were arrested for protesting against the CAA in New Delhi, Congress leaders were notably absent from the demonstrations.

He criticized the 18 Congress-led UDF MPs from Kerala for attending a party-hosted feast on the day of fierce protests against the CAA in the national capital.

Questioning the Congress’s commitment to secularism, Vijayan asked why the party could not oppose the RSS agenda being implemented in the country.

The Chief Minister affirmed that the LDF government in Kerala has taken a firm stance against religious division and emphasized that the state is witnessing a pro-LDF wave during the election campaign, predicting a significant victory for the ruling front in the upcoming Lok Sabha election scheduled for April 26.

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