Kerala Stands with Malayalam Actor Mammootty Against Sangh Parivar’s Religious Hatred

Renowned actor Mammootty, who has become the target of a hate campaign by the Sangh Parivar, has garnered significant support. Various political leaders, including those from CPI, CPM, and Congress, have rallied behind Mammootty, condemning the BJP’s hate campaign.

The controversy began after an interview Mammootty gave to an online newspaper about the movie “Puyu.” The Sangh Parivar accused the film of being anti-Brahmin and spreading religious hatred, attributing these views to Mammootty’s character. This led to a wave of criticism against him on social media.

In response, Kerala has united against the Sangh Parivar’s narrative. Political parties and social leaders, including CPI, CPM, and Congress, are standing in solidarity with Mammootty. Keralites have issued a strong rebuttal, asserting that religious hatred has no place in their state.

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