Not only women but men are also being sexually assaulted: Kerala High Court

Kerala High Court has opined that sexual violence is not only against women and girls but also against boys and men.

A bench headed by Justice Devan Ramachandran has been the major victim of women. Similarly verbally observed that the same cannot be ignored on men.

“Sexual assaults are not limited to girls, boys are also inflicted. This is possible, although rare. I know these things are happening. But generally, we care about women. Due to some reasons, women are usually 99% of sexual assaults take place,” the judge opined.

The judge expressed this view while considering a petition filed by a doctor challenging the protocol of calling only gynecologists, preferably female gynecologists, to examine victims of sexual assault.

The judge opined that the protocol calls for support for victims as most of the cases are against women and girls.

“Don’t know why you worry. We will try to provide more support to the victims. It will not affect you, everything will affect the victims,” said Judge Ramachandran while informing the petitioners.

However, victims of sexual assault can also be men. The court observed that male victims are increasing in cases under POCSO in recent times.

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