Two Muslim students from Kerala win Ramayana quiz

In a recent online quiz competition sponsored by publishing company DC Books, Mohammed Basith M and his college mate Mohammed Jabir P K came out on top. Basith and Jabir, students at the KKSM Islamic and Arts College, said they began learning the Ramayana in depth after enrolling in the Wafy course, which includes teachings from all religions.

After receiving widespread media coverage for their victory in the Ramayana quiz, the Islamic college students received congratulations from individuals from all walks of life.

Basith and Jabir, who are in their fifth and final years of the eight-year Wafy programme at the KKSM Islamic and Arts College in Valanchery in this area of northern Kerala, were two of the five winners of the quiz that was held last month to commemorate the ongoing “Ramayana Month.”

Despite having grown up knowing about the epic, the students claimed that it was only after enrolling in the Wafy course, whose curriculum covers the teachings of all major faiths, that they began reading and learning in-depth about the Ramayana and Hinduism.

“All Indians must read and learn the epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha as they are part of the country’s culture, tradition and history. I believe that it is our responsibility to learn and understand these texts,” Jabir told PTI.

The Wafy student added that as Lord Rama is an embodiment of fairness, patience, and serenity, these wonderful qualities ought to be a part of everyone’s character.

Basith believes that reading extensively will contribute to a deeper understanding of various religions and the people who practise them. No religion fosters animosity; rather, it only fosters peace and cooperation, he continued, adding that his success in the exam has given him even more motivation to study the epic thoroughly.

Source: NDTV


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