Madhya Pradesh: Gun sale advertisement with home delivery on Facebook

Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain Police has registered a case for allegedly advertising countrymade pistols on a Facebook page with pictures.

The ad promised home delivery of the pistols. On April 23, 2023, a Facebook page named Kohinoor Group Ujjain also published pictures of the weapons.

The accused tagged the arms dealer as ‘Pure Badmash, Meinly Criminal 302’. A picture of a man with a pistol and bullets was published in the ad.

“The post is posted in the outer zone of Ujjain. The cyber police are busy tracking down the accused. We will arrest them soon. The picture of the accused on the Facebook page is not clear. Additional SP Jayant Rathore said that the mobile number and selling points were not given.

The Ujjain police had earlier advertised on social media platforms for the recruitment of a gang member identified as Durlab Kashyap with guns and other weapons. Later the main accused were arrested. Durlab Kashyap was killed in a gang war in September 2020.

Indian law allows possession of firearms with a license on an ‘issuable’ basis. The Union Home Department, after promulgating the Arms Regulations released in 2016, has directed state governments to review all types of firearms.

According to the central government rule, licensed gun owners cannot take their guns to public places without a designed cover.

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