Madhya Pradesh will go with Congress ; Opinion polls predict a clear majority for Congress

New Delhi: According to a private agency survey, the Congress will come to power with a clear majority in Madhya Pradesh, where assembly elections will be held at the end of the year. Lokpal survey predicts that Congress will come to power by winning 130 to 135 seats. 90 to 95 seats are predicted for the ruling BJP.

It is said that BSP will win up to two seats and others up to five seats. The survey was conducted with the participation of 1,72,000 voters from 230 constituencies of the state. 750 voters from one assembly constituency were included in the survey. The survey was conducted from June 13 to July 15. 40 to 43 percent vote share is predicted for Congress. 38 to 41 percent vote share for BJP and 13 percent vote share for others.

Congress is predicted to have an advantage in five of the seven regions in the state. Congress will lead in Gwalior-Chambal (21-23 seats), Vindya (17-19), Mahakoshal (30-33), Malwa (29-32) and Nimar (10-12). Majority is predicted for BJP in Narmada (21-23 seats) and Bundelkhand (14-16) regions. Congress leaders have already made it clear that Karnataka will repeat itself in Madhya Pradesh.

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