Man from Madhya Pradesh Beaten, Forced to Drink Urine for Eloping with Woman; Viral Videos Spark Outrage

In Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain district, a man was reportedly subjected to severe physical assault, forced to ingest urine, and made to wear a garland made of shoes after allegedly eloping with a married woman.

Videos capturing the incident circulated widely on social media, sparking outrage. However, as of Wednesday, the victim has lodged no formal complaint with the police.

The disturbing footage shows the man wearing a garland of shoes, consuming a liquid from a bottle, suspected to be urine, while being verbally abused and coerced by several individuals.

He is also seen being physically assaulted by a woman, purportedly the one with whom he eloped. Another video depicts the man licking a shoe and being compelled to place another shoe on his head. Additionally, part of his mustache and portions of his head have been shaved off in the clips.

In response to the circulating videos, Additional Superintendent of Police Nitesh Bhargava informed reporters that the police have taken note of the incident, which occurred approximately three to four days ago and have reached out to the victim. However, upon contacting the victim’s residence, he was found to be absent.

“I have spoken to the victim over the phone, and he will be meeting me. Once the accused and the location of the incident are verified, legal action will be taken,” stated Bhargava. The motive behind the incident remains unclear and will be established after further discussion with the victim.

Despite proactive efforts by the police to contact the victim, no formal complaint has been registered thus far. Sources suggest that the altercation stemmed from the man’s elopement with a married woman belonging to the Banjara community from Bhilkhedi village under Bhatpachlana police station limits, approximately 75 km from the district headquarters.

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