Muslim girl medical practitioner attacked by an alleged right-wing group in Madhya Pradesh

A Muslim girl Zarrin Khan, a medical practitioner was brutally attacked, molested, and attempted to be raped by four unidentified men and a woman in Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain District on Friday.

The 23-year-old, physiotherapist by profession, was returning from her work on July 28 at around 5:30 pm on her scooter when she was stopped by four men who started abusing and thrashing her in the Gola Mandi area.

The Gola Mandi is a Hindu-dominant area and the incident took place when she was passing by to reach her home in the Chitera Bhakal area, adjacent to it.

The mob had sharp weapons, swords, bats, and iron rods with them which they used to attack her. During the assault, they groped, molested, and tore her clothes.

Her cousin Touqeer, who was passing by came to rescue her but the mob didn’t spare him and thrashed him with iron rods and bats.

A video of the incident that surfaced on social media sites also substantiates the incident and Touqeer can be seen being assaulted by a group of men.

Zarrin’s brother told, “She has endured multiple injuries and is currently admitted to the local Government hospital, and her cousin Tauqeer is also under-diagnosis.”

He said, “She is terrified of the incident, whenever she wakes up, recall the harrowing experience and faint.”

“I cannot believe what had happened to me. I was simply returning home after attending to a patient. A mob of 3-4 people appeared in front of my eyes all of a sudden at Gola Mandi, Mirchi Nala area and they took the keys of my scooter and started abusing me calling me ‘Mulli’ and ‘Jihadan’ and told me that I should not pass from this area as it was their area. As I was trying to defend myself, one of them tore my clothes and even tried to snatch my hijab,” Khan told.

She said, “They had sharp objects and tried to ruin my face and they started molesting and groping me, at one moment I felt like they would rape me.”


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