Hindu organizations protest over a post on social media in support of Aurangzeb

Kolhapur: In Kolhapur on Tuesday, some youth posted on social media in support of Aurangzeb and this post went viral. In protest against this, people of Hindu organizations protested in front of the Laxmipura police station.

Police resorted to lathi charges to control the crowd. Pro-Hindu organizations announced a bandh in Kolhapur on Wednesday.

According to Superintendent of Police Mahendra Pandit, the situation is under control.

As per the information, some youths in Kolhapur had posted a post in support of Aurangzeb. Controversy has arisen due to this. Activists of the Hindu organization turned aggressive and gathered in front of the Lakshmipura police station in Kolhapur, demanding action against the concerned youth. Along with this, the workers demonstrated in Dussehra Chowk, Town Hall, Laxmipuri, etc. areas of Kolhapur city. Police dispersed the crowd by lathi charge and brought the situation under control.

Link: https://twitter.com/Diwakar_singh31/status/1666342091205779456?t=Eh2ItZjHDNrt1UiKwL_AGg&s=19

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