Maharashtra plans lifting on lockdown from June 7 in phased manner

Mumbai: After prolonged lockdown in Maharashtra to prevent the spread of Covid, the government has now decided to ease certain restrictions in the State from June 7.

In the notification issued by the government, it has made five categories of districts based on the presence of Covid for unlock process.

It said that those districts having only 5% infection rate will be selected in the first phase for lifting the restrictions. Here almost all restrictions will be lifted.

In the second phase, those districts having 5 % infection rate but oxygenated beds are used between 25 % and 40 %, will have limited restrictions. Here construction and agriculture activities will be allowed but restaurants, malls, cinema halls, gyms and saloons will work with only 50 % capacity.

In the third phase, only those district will be given limited access where the infection rate in 10% and oxygenated beds are used above 40 %. Here shops and essential services will remain open till 4 pm. Only essential services will continue to operate on weekends.

The fourth category will have more restriction where the infection rate is 10% and 20% and oxygen beds are used more than 60%. Here emergency servicers will continue till 4 pm while all other shops will remain shut. No public event social gathering are allowed.

In the fifth and final phase, the government includes all the district that have infection rate of 20 % and oxygen beds are used more than 75%. Here essential shops will remain open from Monday to Friday till 4 pm. All other business will remain closed except for Saturday and Sunday medical services.

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