NCW under fire: Complaint Ignored 38 days prior on shocking Manipur incident of Kuki women’s abuse”

The National Commission for Women (NCW) reportedly ignored the shocking and horrifying incident from Manipur has sparked widespread outrage as a viral video emerged showing two Kuki women being paraded naked by a mob.

The National Commission for Women (NCW) faced criticism as it was revealed that they had received a complaint 38 days prior about the disturbing incident in Manipur where two Kuki women were paraded naked, sexually assaulted, and allegedly gang-raped by a mob on May 4.

The complaint was sent by two Manipuri women and a Manipur tribal association headquartered abroad but did not receive any response or acknowledgement from NCW. The letter urgently appealed to the NCW to address the severe victimization of Kuki-Zomi indigenous tribal women, highlighting acts of sexual violence, rape, kidnapping, public lynching, immolation, and murder.

The NCW purportedly did not give due attention to the complaint, yet expressed its disapproval on social media regarding the distressing incident in Manipur on Thursday. This has raised questions about the NCW’s stance and potential inconsistencies in its approach.

Source: News Laundry

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