NCERT omits reference to Gujarat riots, Mughals from textbooks

As part of ‘rationalised’ process, references to the Gujarat Riots in class 12 textbooks were dropped by The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). References of Naxalite movement, pages on Mughal courts in history from class 11 textbooks, and few Dalit writers from class 7 textbooks were also removed from the textbooks. Certain verses of Faiz Ahmed Faiz were also omitted from class 10 textbooks.

The rationalisation process was being worked upon since last December which has now been completed. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the curriculum has been rationalised with the aim of ‘reducing the content load’, the NCERT said in a booklet.

In the Class 7 textbook Our Pasts-2, pages 48-49 which mentioned “Mughal Emperors: Major campaigns and events” have been excluded, according to the NCERT website. While a senior official told that no chapters had been selectively omitted, reported Hindustan Times.

The NCERT said in a notice: “The content of the textbooks has been rationalized for various reasons, including overlapping with similar content in other subject areas in the same class, similar content included in the lower or higher classes on the same subject.”

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