Centre on the way to allow foreign law firms to practice in India

New Delhi:  The decision which could have far reaching consequences in legal field of India, the Centre has given a clear indication that it has decided to allow foreign legal firms to operate in India.

Informing about this, Union Minister for Commerce and Industries, Piyush Goyal said that the government has already constituted a committee under the Ministry of Law to prepare a detailed report on making required amendments to the Act to allow foreign law firms to work in India.

Speaking at programme “Leveraging Services Sector to Trigger Post –COVID -19 Economic Recovery”, he however made it clear that the final decision in this regard will be taken only after wider consultation with the local legal experts. “ We will make sure that enough norms are made for the protecting the interest of Indian advocates and law firms”, he said.

Goyal however claimed that the decision of allowing foreign law firms in India will benefit the locals.

It may be noted that the centre has been showing keen interest in allowing foreign law firms to practice in India, however many legal experts of the country are opposing any such decision stating that it would affect the livelihood of local advocates

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