Delhi: Church Vandalised in Dwarka Allegedly by Hindutva Group, Police Files FIR

A warehouse-turned-church was vandalized in Delhi’s Dwarka area on Sunday allegedly by members Bajrang Dal, the Millennium Post reported. The Hindutva group reportedly attacked when the church was holding its first Sunday prayer.

In a viral video on social media, Hindutva vigilantes are heard chanting slogans like “Desh k gaddaron ko, g*li maπo saalon ko.”

A police officer told The Quint, “Police received information at 9.30 am on 28 November that a quarrel had broken out at a godown-turned-church on Matiala Road. On inquiry, it was found that a group of residents and local miscreants vandalized the board that read ‘church’.”

The police have registered two FIRS at the local Bindapur police station- one against those accused of vandalism for causing a public nuisance and another against those present in the church for violating Delhi Disaster Management Act guidelines, which prohibit large gatherings in view of the covid-19 pandemic.

The Delhi Disaster Management has allowed religious places to reopen for devotees, a police officer told Millennium Post adding but the warehouse-turned-church had not been designated as religious premises.

One person has been arrested in connection with the vandalism, according to The Indian Express.

Dwarka Deputy Commissioner of Police Shankar Choudhary said, “Some people had gathered at a warehouse where they had put a board with word ‘CHURCH’ to which locals had objected as they claim it to have been done clandestinely. No one was injured in the incident.”

Similar incidents were also reported in Karnataka on Monday, when members of Bajrang Dal, disturbed a Christian prayer meet at Belur in Hassan district, alleging Hindus are being forcibly converted & prayer hall constructed is illegal.


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