Delhi Water Minister Atishi Urges PM Modi to Address Crisis, Threatens Indefinite Fast from June 21

New Delhi (PTI): Delhi Water Minister Atishi announced on Wednesday that she has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the ongoing water crisis in the capital and has threatened to begin an indefinite strike from June 21 if the issue is not resolved within a few days.

During a press conference, Atishi highlighted that Delhi has been struggling with a water shortage due to Haryana not releasing the capital’s allotted share of water. “Yesterday, Haryana released 513 MGD of water to Delhi instead of the required 613 MGD. One MGD of water serves 28,500 people. This means water was not released for over 28 lakh people,” she explained.

The minister pointed out that residents are facing both heat wave conditions and water shortages. “I have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting his intervention to resolve the crisis. If the situation is not addressed within two days, I will go on an indefinite strike starting June 21,” Atishi stated.

She also mentioned that multiple letters have been sent to the Haryana government to resolve the issue.

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