Effects of once-in-a-century pandemic will not go in hundred days

New Delhi: Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that efforts are being made by the government to lessen the impact of the economic hardships many nations are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After presenting 75,000 appointment letters to candidates for government jobs, Modi addressed the “Rozgar Mela” and stated that the Centre is also working on other fronts to maximize the number of job opportunities for young people.

“It is a fact that the global situation is not very good. Several large economies are struggling. In several countries, problems such as high inflation and unemployment are at their peak,” PM Modi said.

He claims that the aftereffects of the once-in-a-century pandemic will not go away in 100 days.

“But despite this crisis faced the world over, the impact of which is being felt everywhere, India is taking new initiatives and some risks to save our country from being affected by these problems,” said PM Modi.

75,000 job applicants received appointment letters earlier this week through email from the prime minister.

The 38 ministries or departments of the Indian government will welcome the new recruits, who were chosen from around the nation. They will work in Group A and B (gazetted), Group B (non-gazetted), and Group C at various levels of the government.

Source: NDTV

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