Modi using spywares to target his critics, alleges Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Accusing the Modi government of using spyware, Pegasus to target Indian Institutions, Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi has said that while such spywares are generally used against terrorists and anti social elements to keep track of their movements, the Modi government is using the journalists, activists and leaders of opposition parties.

Addressing media persons here, he demanded resignation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

He continued the allegations stating that the Modi government has used the spyware to bring down the elected government and to keep a watch over the movements of even the former bureaucrats who were against the policies of the government.

Asserting that a detailed investigation is required, he said that only the probe will bring out the truth.

It may be noted that the BJP government is being accused of using the spyware to tap the phones of many leaders including Rahul Gandhi, some senior journalists, former bureaucrats, politicians etc.

Though the government has been maintaining that it has not used any spyware, however the opposition has been blaming the government for tapping the phones of many critics of the Modi government.

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