Rs. 2000 note helped black money holders: P.Chidambaram

New Delhi: Criticising the Centre’s move to withdraw Rs. 2,000 notes from circulation, senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram on Monday said the Rs. 2,000 denomination note has “helped black money hoarders collect their money easily”.

“Banks have made it clear that no identity or proof is required to exchange Rs. 2000 notes. The BJP’s argument that Rs. 2000 notes are being withdrawn to bring out black money has been shattered. Common people do not have 2000 rupee notes.
Since those notes were introduced in 2016, no one has been using them. Because they were useless for daily retail exchange. So who kept and used 2000 rupee notes? You know the answer”, Chidambaram tweeted.

“The Rs. 2,000 note helped black money hoarders collect their money easily. Those who kept Rs. 2000 notes were welcomed with a red carpet to exchange their notes. Introducing the Rs. 2000 note in 2016 was a stupid move. I am happy that the stupid move is being reversed, at least after 7 years”, Chidambaram said.

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