Owaisi mocks Centre’s focus on atrocities against Afghan women, says ‘Isn’t it happening here?’

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi mocked the Bhartiya Janta Party led government for expressing concern over the atrocities against women in Afghanistan while turning a blind eye to the situation in India.

Addressing a gathering, Owaisi said, “4.6 crore girls go missing. 1 out of 9 girls die before attaining the age of 5. But these people are bothered about the situation there (Afghanistan). They (Centre) are worried about what is happening to women in Afghanistan. Isn’t it happening here'”

Owaisi explained that Pakistan has been the biggest beneficiary of the Afghan government’s ouster by the Taliban. According to experts Al Qaeda and Daesh, have reached some areas in Afghanistan. “ISI is an enemy of India. You must remember that ISI controls the Taliban and uses it like a puppet,” he added.

“Where is India, tell me where is India. Earlier also in Parliament, I had asked that we should have talks with the Taliban but that time you did not understand what I was saying,” the AIMIM Chief Criticised the Centre’s policy vis à vis the Taliban, assering that India had failed to counter China even as it is cosying up to the terror outfit.

After the Taliban’s take over in Kabul, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani resigned and left the country with his associates. Since then, there have been chaos at the Kabul airport where thousands of people desperately tried to flee the country. From the start of the crisis, the Centre’s focus is on ensuring security in Afghanistan and the safe return of Indian nationals.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has been in touch with his counterparts of several nations about the developments in the war-torn country. The EAM requested everyone to provide accurate information about Indians stuck there. While around 46 people were evacuated on Monday, nearly 150 Indian Embassy staff and citizens, their families and security personnel were rescued via the Indian Air Force C-17 aircraft a day later.

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