Physician offering free online consultation to thousands of Covid-19 patients across India

A doctor in Karimnagar is offering free of charge online consultation to thousands of Covid-19 patients across the country.

He has also trained 100 doctors for the Telangana Covid-19 task force.

Dr. Luqman Ahmad Khan is also preparing awareness videos on Covid-19 and posting them on social media. He has also studied epidemics.

Dr. Luqman, a family physician, explains in detail what his patients should do and don’t, when they are infected with coronavirus and hospitalized. His videos have become very popular on social media.

Dr. Luqman, a specialist in the management of rare diseases and end-stage diseases, has so far provided free medical counseling to at least 4,000 patients online.

Dr Luqman told: “As a doctor, my experience has been not only vividly clinical but also dishearteningly social, especially after personal retrospective, while analysing types of cases, causes of death and their social impact.”

Explaining the types of Covid-19 cases he encounters often, Dr. Luqman said that Covid-19 already has common symptoms and is well treated, despite the small number of patients with the usual signs and symptoms of Covid 19, end up with severe complications can lead to death. Dr. Luqman quickly identified the symptoms and saved many such patients.

He said; “From an epidemiological point of view, I think these asymptomatic carriers are primarily coronavirus spreaders and contain a variety of pathogens. Identifying them at an early stage will help save lives.”

He added that diseases do not wear watches, although reports about the timings of diseases are routine and documented in textbooks. Relying on them is maturity, but it is not fair to blind other factors.

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