PM Modi’s brother Prahlad Modi tells traders not to pay GST until demands are met

Vice-president of All-India Fair Price Shop Association and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brother, Prahlad Modi urged traders not to pay GST until their demands are met by authorities. He suggested the traders to start campaigning over the issue to convey their message to the Maharashtra government and the Centre.

While addressing a gathering of traders here, Prahlad said the agitation should be done in such a way that “Uddhav (Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray) and Narendra (PM Modi) will come to your doorstep.”

Representing almost 6.50 lakh fair price shop owners from across the country, Prahlad Modi said, “Let it be Modi or anyone else, they have to listen to you. First write to the Maharashtra government that we will not pay GST untill you listen to us. We are in ”lokshahi” (democracy),, not in ghulami (under subjugation),” he added.

Prahlad Modi met traders, who have been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown, in Thane district of Maharashtra.

Several traders from Ulhasnagar and Ambernath told Prahlad that cases registered against them for violating Covid-19 norm should be withdrawn, as the sector was reeling under an economic crisis, with e-commerce platforms adding to the problems. They requested him to help in restoring the jeans washing units in the two townships situated in the outskirts of Mumbai.


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