PM Modi’s new council to have young ministers: Govt sources

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new cabinet will be represented by youngest members. Ahead of the much-debated cabinet reshuffle, the announcement will be made at 6pm.

According to Hindustan Times, source said that the new Council of Ministers will be a Spectrum council, which will bring out the vibrancy and colours from all communities and regions.

The Rainbow Cabinet is likely to have 12 Scheduled caste ministers, representating from Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. There will be about 12 backward communities including Chamar-Ramdassia, Khatik, Pasi, Kori, Madiga, Mahar, Arundathiyar, Meghwal, Rajbonshi, Matua-Namashudra, Dhangar, Dusadh are likely to be represented.

An official highlighting over 10 points including equal representation of all communities, a wide range of states and castes, explained that the new cabinet is likely to have 8 Scheduled Tribes and 27 OBC ministers. Some tribes will be getting representation in the Cabinet for the first time, sources added.

All communities including, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Baniya, Bhumihar, Kayasth, Lingayat, Khatri, Kadva and Leuva Patel, Maratha, Reddy will have representation in the new council of ministers.

Wheras for women empowerment, 11 women ministers from nine states and nine communities, while there will be 2 women cabinet ministers.


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