Rahul Gandhi says he is buliding bridges between people while PM Modi is destroying them

Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday strikes at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that Modi was trying to break the relationship between the people of different faiths in India.

On a one day visit to Kerala’s Malappuram, Gandhi was spoke about India as a territory and India as a land where people lived.

In his speech Gandhi said, “The political question being asked today is – what is India? If you read people like Savarkar, they’ll say India is geography. They take a pen, draw a map and say this is India; outside this line, it is not India and inside this line it is India.”

“Then a question arises, what if there was this map but no people living on this territory. Would you still be here? Of course not because if there would be no people in this territory, you would not say that it is India,” the Congress MP futher told.

He pointed out that if an Indian travels to the US, he continues to be an Indian even on the foreign land.

“What happens if an Indian person gets on a plane and goes to America? Does he not remain Indian? Of course, he does, he remains an Indian. So for me, India is the people who live here,” the Wayanad MP said while explaining the concept of India as a country.

Aiming at the ruling BJP government and PM Modi, Gandhi, added: “They say India is a territory, we say India is people, relationships. It’s the relationship between Hindu and Muslim, between Hindu, Muslim and Sikh, between Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali. My problem with the PM is that he’s breaking these relationships.”

The Prime Minister is busy breaking these relationships, but Gandhi said that he will continue to build a bridge between the people.

“If he (the PM) is breaking the relationships between Indians, he is attacking the idea of India. That is why I oppose him. And in the same way, he breaks the relationships between Indians, it is my job, my duty and my commitment to building the bridge between the people of India,” the former Congress President said.

“Every time he uses hatred to break a bridge between two Indians, my job is to use love to rebuild that bridge, and it’s not just my job but our job. I can’t build a bridge without understanding different traditions, ideas, different religions and different cultures in this country,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi is visiting Kerala’s Kozhikode and Malappuram today. He was also due to lay the foundation stone in Kozhikode and inaugurate several developmental projects.

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