Students protesting have admitted that they were pressured to give false statements about Muslim teachers

In a school in Kota, Rajasthan, three Muslim teachers – Firoz Khan, Mirza Mujahid, and Shabana – faced suspension following allegations of forced conversion, love jihad, and Islamic Jihadi activities by the Hindutva group ‘Sarv Hindu Samaj.’ However, Hindu students from the same school, Khajuri village, protested the suspension, marching several kilometers to the SDM office in Sangod town.

The Hindu students demanded the reinstatement of the suspended Muslim teachers, denouncing the accusations and urging action against those who made false claims. During the protest, students were emotional, some even admitting they were pressured to make false allegations against the teachers.

A 10th-grade student, under the alias Naveen, stated that he was not forced to offer namaz but was coerced into making false accusations against the Muslim teachers. He expressed regret, emphasizing the positive influence the teachers had on his life.

In a video that is now available on social media platforms, he says, “They were continuously telling me that you are a Hindu and told me things to say in the interview. I got trapped in their words and committed a mistake I should have never done. These are ours, and how can I lie against them? What I am today is because of them.”

The 15 Hindu teachers at the school wrote to the district education department, refuting claims of forced conversion, love jihad, and namaz activities by the suspended teachers. The school’s staff, management committee, and the village sarpanch all denied knowledge of such activities.

The controversy appears linked to a love marriage between a local Hindu woman and a Muslim man. However, residents and police officials noted that the incident involved adults, and the woman stated she married of her free will.

Local police officials also said forced religious conversion or ‘love jihad’ activities have never been reported in the area or the school. They cited the incident of a Hindu woman reported missing on Feb 5, being traced on Feb 5, and saying she married a Muslim man out of her free will. “The girl was an adult and said she married as per her will,” said DSP Rajulal Meena.

“I never witnessed any such activities or heard of students or parents complaining against the three teachers about conversion or love jihad. I have been working at this school since 2021,” said school principal Kamlesh Bairwa.

The School Management and Development Committee (SMDC) president, Lokesh Gochar, dismissed the allegations as rumors, attributing them to a human error in 2019 when a Hindu girl was mistakenly listed as Muslim in admission forms.

“These are all rumors and baseless allegations against the three Muslim teachers. I am a frequent visitor to the school as my agriculture land adjoins it, and I never heard of or seen any such activities,” Gochar said.

Sarpanch Sushila Kanwar confirmed that no conversion activities were reported at the school.


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