Rise and Fall of Nations

The current political climate of hate, anger, revenge, killing, and animosity against Muslims is systematically planned and executed on all kinds of platforms to instill terror, fear, and alienation. The present trend and surge of divisive and destructive politics against the Muslim community by the Hindutva team of religious guides, political leaders, right-wing groups, and their affiliates exhorting public, army, and police to take up arms for Muslim genocide and other such crimes in the name of Hindu religion has led to the present trend and rise in crimes that we are witnessing in our country.

The narratives and the communal angle provided by the present leadership at the center and states, their silence and inaction to punish the perpetrators of crimes against minorities and women is clear evidence of their values, mindset, and their vision of remaking of new India into an authoritarian, majoritarian Hindu nationalist state.

They are nurturing and incubating hatred, divisive politics, and systematic attacks on the Muslim community and Muslim women. For now, it may seem good for all the majority of silent spectators but in the long run, it is detrimental to the progress of any Nation. History bears witness that no nation has ever thrived and succeeded by planting and nurturing the seeds of divisive politics, hate animosity, and crimes against the weaker sections.

After the first incident of the “Sulli deal” In the month of July 2021, no arrests have been made even after registering complaints with the women’s welfare department and submitting memorandums to the police department, we have not seen much progress on the investigation as well. Now, once again “Bulli Bai”, makes the women of India believe that the impunity with which they are doing this is because they (perpetrators) are not afraid, they have political patronage, and political support and they are not scared of consequences.

Had the police taken sufficient action in the first place, these people wouldn’t have had the courage to do something like “Bulli Bai” again. Not being held accountable for crimes, the inaction of the police departments, investigation authorities and judiciary is what gives them the courage to plan and execute such crimes. Such people enjoy immunity even in the physical space.

The political will and attitude of the Government is a clear indication of deteriorating, decaying, and dangerous symptom of the disintegration of human values and the direction in which our country is heading.

The inherent values in humans such as non-discrimination, tolerance, freedom of thought, unity, peace, justice, solidarity, and equality are supposed to be at the core of civilized societies; these are values upon which the NATIONS are built and sustained.

It is time for the citizens to wake up and reflect on the shift from consensus-based politics to a majoritarian approach, tacit acceptance of religious vigilantism, ultra religiosity, bigotry is obstructions to Nation building. May wisdom dawn and sanity prevail.

Moina Parveen is a counselor and treasurer of forwarding TRUST (Forum for Women’s Actions Rights and Dignity), an NGO for ensuring a dignified life for every woman through education and training for woman’s role in social life and community.


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