Somewhere there is a lack of vaccines, somewhere there is a waste of vaccines, 500 bottles found in the garbage of 35 centers.

Rajasthan is demanding vaccine, but the central government is not even giving a quarter of the demand. There will be a reduction, vaccination centers will have to be closed, the Rajasthan government says every day. Meanwhile, the central government releases data every day to show how much food wasted by the states.There are 10 doses in one bottle.

According to local media reports, 500 bottles containing more than 2,500 food items were found in rubbish bins at 35 vaccination centers in eight districts of Rajasthan. According to sources, more than 500 vials were filled from 20% to 75% filled. More than Rs 11.50 lakh crore worth of food was wasted in Rajasthan from January 16 to May 17, as per central government data. State and central governments also have their own data on vaccine waste.

According to the Rajasthan government, the loss of vaccines in the state is only 2%, while in April, the Center had said that the loss of vaccines on May 26 was 7% and 3%. “We will investigate and take action,” said Akhil Arora, principal secretary of the health department.

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