Chennai man claims to have denied entry to Shark Tank India for lack of Hindi fluency

A Chennai-based entrepreneur, Karthik Manikonda has reportedly been denied the opportunity to pitch his startup idea on the famous show, Shark Tank India due to a language barrier.

The news was shared by Manikonda through his LinkedIn post, where he pointed out on the language bias of the popular TV show.

Mr Manikonda is the founder of The Mind and Company, a company that mainly focusses on mental health. He shared his experience in a post dated March 7.

He wrote that at first, he was selected for participating in the contest, but because he could not speak Hindi in a fluent manner, he was denied to present his proposal to the judges. Later, the founder also pointed out that the show reportedly has a policy to only allow participants who are proficient in Hindi for pitching their business ideas. He had also requested to pitch his following idea in English but his request was reportedly denied by the producers of the show.

“I am not fluent in Hindi. It’s a Hindi show. It’s a national show.” Mr Manikonda wrote in his LinkedIn post, after noting that there were challenges faced by some of the regional entrepreneurs as a result of these linguistic obstacles. Later, he also expressed his optimistic attitude despite the setback, saying, “Disappointed, but not out.” His post has given rise to a number of debatable conversations over social media platforms.

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