Survey finds breakfast scheme in Madurai increased attendance in 85% schools

A survey conducted by the State Planning Commission found that 1,319 of the 1,543 government schools, i.e., about 85% of the schools in Tamil Nadu where the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Program has been implemented, had higher attendance of children in Classes I–V in January and February of this year compared to June–July 2022. There has been no change in the attendance pattern at about 217 schools.

The Chief Minister’s Breakfast Program, implemented for kids in Classes I through V in public schools, is not a gift; in reality, it is the state government’s primary job and responsibility to see that its citizens are fed. According to Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, such plans represent the government; he was speaking at the launch of the novel “Chief Minister’s Breakfast Program” at the Corporation Primary School Aathimoolam II in Simmakal, Madurai, last year.


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