Tamil Nadu: A 23-year-old woman from a tribal community who became a judge

A 23-year-old woman from a tribal community has been appointed as a civil judge in Tamil Nadu.

Sripathy, a 23-year-old woman from a tribal community, has achieved this significant feat in an examination conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin, who shared about this in X, is happy that a young woman from a tribal community in a hilly village, who has no more facilities, has achieved this feat. I am proud of this and also thank her mother and husband who stood behind the woman’s achievement. “Sripathi’s achievement is truly an example for Tamil Nadu people who hesitate to talk about social justice,” he said.

“The Dravidian-style DMK government in Tamil Nadu recently implemented a policy of providing reservation for Tamil media students in government jobs. Because of this, people like Sripathy became judges,” said Stalin.

Sripathi, who hails from Puliyuru village of Javudhu hill station in Thiruvannamalai district, reached Chennai in November 2023, a distance of 200 km, and appeared for the civil judge examination.

Two days before the exam, Sripathy gave birth to a child. She had made a firm decision in a difficult situation of health and reached Chennai and wrote the exam.

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