Tamil Nadu: Woman Found with Rs 50,010 Exceeding Limit Seized by Election Squad

There was an incident where the election squad seized Rs 50,010 in cash from a woman in Coimbatore because of an increase of Rs 10 over the limit. 50,000 rupees in cash as per the model code of conduct. But the woman was found to have ten rupees more than that and the cash was confiscated saying it was a violation of the model code of conduct.

That too, adding the ten rupees the woman had in her mobile phone cover, the election squad calculated that the woman had 50,010 rupees. After that, the cash was seized!

The incident took place around 11 am on Saturday. Surya Priya, who handled the accounts of a micro industry unit owned by the woman’s husband Suresh Babu, was going to the unit on a two-wheeler from her house in SIHS Colony. In this case, it was reported that the Flying Squad team intercepted the woman at Indira Garden near Singanallur.

“I was taking a total of Rs 50,000 in denominations of Rs 500 to pay weekly salary to our staff As I was aware of restrictions as per election rules, I withdrew Rs 50,000 from the bank on March 16 as per the limit. I have documents about this,” said the woman.

“I kept the money at home to give it to the employees on payday. When I gave all the explanations and showed the proof, one of the FST team members asked me for Rs 20. I gave only a 10 rupees note which I kept on my mobile phone cover for emergency use. “The officials told me that they are confiscating Rs 50,010 as the total value has crossed Rs 50,000,” claimed Surya Priya.

Harassment for 3 hours
She alleged that the team rudely told her to come to the Dakshina Taluk office for further questioning and further harassed her. After about three hours, the officials of the flying squad returned the money and let the woman go. Surya Priya later complained to District Collector Kranti Kumar Patti and the Election Commission of India.

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