Unemployment rate climbs both in urban and rural India: CMIE

The unemployment rate has climbed up to to 7.14 percent, compared to a 5.98 percent spike in the previous week, as joblessness increased both in rural and urban areas across the country, according to data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

However, the unemployment rate showed an improvement on the monthly basis, going down from the near 10 percent levels in June, with economic activities picking up speed as the second wave of covid-19 infections started declining.

Although the overall joblessness rate has increased, the situation is much better than the earlier three months when unemployment sharply rised amid the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

In rural areas, the unemployment rate has increased rising from 6.75 percent in the week ended July 25 in rural areas stood at 5.1 per cent.

In comparison, there has been a marginal increase in urban employment for the same period. Urban joblessness spiked to 8.01 percent in the week ending July 25, increasing marginally from 7.94 percent a week ago.

The urban unemployment rate, however, remains higher than the rural and national average despite of the rising economic activities and eased Covid-19 curbs.

In Urban India, the unemployment rate has remains less than 9 percent since the beginning of July, while it stayed below 8 percent at the national level.

Meanwhile, in June the monthly national unemployment rate was at 9.17 percent, it was 10.07 percent in urban and 8.75 percent in rural India. The opening up of more economic activities has helped stabilise urban and rural employment.

However, the conditions of the country’s job market continues to be sticky as job opportunities are less ever since the country was hit by another wave of the pandemic.

While the second wave had a moderate impact on the economy,, it seriously affected the informal sector where millions of people got unemployment. The employment rate in the India has been witnessing a recovery since July.


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