Opposition is not made by sitting silent, it is made by fighting: Priyanka Gandhi

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi is working hard in Uttar Pradesh with full strategy. She announced on Tuesday that Congress will give tickets to women for 40 percent of the seats in the assembly elections to be held next year in UP.

In an special conversation with ABP News, Priyanka Gandhi said that in the rest of the states also Congress will give 40 percent tickets to women and said that this is just a beginning.

“Hate is prevalent in politics today. There is politics to divide the society. There is compassion in a woman. Every woman struggles and has more desire and ability to change the society. Therefore, it’s necessary to give participation to women,” she said.

What about contesting elections?

On the question of contesting elections, Priyanka Gandhi said that she is considering it. Along with this, on the question of who will be the CM face of the party in the state, she said that it is being considered and be told when the time comes. “Congress is fighting the people’s fight on the ground,” she said.

Without naming the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party, she said that no other party appears to be struggling. It is not the job of the opposition to remain silent.

“Opposition is not made by sitting silent, it is made by fighting. Only Congress is fighting on the road. Whether it is women’s issue or CAA-NRC issue, did any other party raise them? In the last 18 years, Congress’s 18 More than a thousand workers have been in jail,” the Congress leader said.


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