Police went to settle dispute but ended up beating up women, children, pregnant also included among victims

There was an uproar in Azamgarh’s Nat Basti of Uttar Pradesh when the Nizamabad police entered the houses and started dragging and beating women, children as soon as they reached the spot. To learn the facts of the incident that occurred in the afternoon of September 5, a release delegation (Rihai Manch) comprising of general secretary Rajiv Yadav visited the village. Villagers, most of them women, said that around 35 people, including 18 women and 10 children, were injured by the police lathi, Janjwar media reported.

The villagers told that there was a fight between the two parties in the village. One party called the police. By the time the police reached the spot, both the parties started pelting stones among themselves. Seeing the police, the stone pelting stopped. After that the police started using lathicharge indiscriminately. Men were few in the village and some of those who were there were hit with sticks, so they left the village and ran away. Women, children were the most victims of police orgy.

A bandage was tied around Gorky’s head, who is about 30 years old. He told that after entering his house, the policeman without asking anything hit him on the head due to which his head exploded. He alleged that even in that condition the policeman put his hand on his chest.

Shahnawaz’s sister Najma told that the policemen first pressed her face and pelted many sticks on her body. Farida, who is about four-five months pregnant, her father-in-law Kitabu told the media that the fight was someone else’s, so they were relaxed. But the policemen ran towards him. First, Kitabu’s legs and body were hit with sticks and then Farida’s stomach was hit. Kitabu told that his daughter-in-law had started bleeding. She was taken to a private hospital for treatment from where the doctors sent her for medical examination.

Another victim of this atrocity, Asma ran towards her house. She was not even able to enter the house when a policeman grabbed her by the hair and dragged her, thrashed and abused her for “doing business with others and running into the house seeing us”. Arfa, a minor, pointing to a policeman with a mustache, she said that he had hit her with a stick. Shabana, who is still young. She told that the cops dragged her torn her clothes and that the cops were “telling them to do bad things with them”. Parveena suffered injuries in her legs and Chanarma’s legs and hips. When the women were asked whether the lathis-wielders were female police personnel, they said that they were beaten up with sticks by male police personnel, not women, according to media reports.

Haris who is around 12 years old said that he was hit in the stomach with his feet on the slam, due to which he is unable to urinate. Ten year old Hanzla was coming from the farm side and did not think that the police would beat him too. He told that a policeman ran and hit a stick from behind and he fell.

After the beating, the policemen took many people of the village to the police station. Village women and others protested against it at Fariha crossroads. The women told that the arrested people were released by the police, but the police took this action regarding the quarrel in the village, for which no FIR was registered till now, the police registered their FIR.

None of the above victims was related to the parties to the quarrel. The villagers also alleged that the policemen took away two goats and some chickens while leaving. The people of the village are not educated and aware. Neither the medical examination of the injured nor any FIR was registered on the third day of the incident.

Apart from General Secretary Rajiv Yadav, the 6-member Rihai Manch delegation included Masihuddin Sanjari, Vinod Yadav, Imran Ahmed, Awadhesh Yadav, Hiralal.

(Inputs from Janjwar)

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